Thursday, April 9, 2009

Neighbor collaboration

THE RIDE- by A.C. Baker

and J.A. Chesney

One way or another, everyone goes for the ride.

For some, the ride is short

For others, long.

Most all of us fear the end.

Because we know it’s a one way trip.

No one gets off ‘till it’s over,

And no one ever comes back.

Some find great wealth along the way,

Some find gutters to sleep in.

The ride itself is different for us all,

But the end result is always the same.

Be you man, boy, woman, or girl

You are already on the ride,

But none of us are really in the drivers seat.

And we’ll all find out what the end is...

...Soon enough.

667, Neighbor of The Beast Productions. LTD.

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