Friday, April 10, 2009


Gone now are the creators of Dungeons & Dragons. Last year Gary Gygax died and now I am saddened to hear that Dave Arneson has also passed. It is hard for me to imagine a world without D&D. What these two men started so long ago has created a great deal of enjoyment for me over the years. More information on Dave Arneson can be found here: Wizards
Order of the Stick comic homage.

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  1. Wow. Can't believe I didn't hear about this before now. It's surprising that I have to come to a friends blog in order to get "breaking news". This is devastating.

    Arneson and Gygax were polarizing figures surely, but they were, in my opinion, all that was left of what bridged the gap between what we grew up with and the modern gaming we have today. They will be missed. Arneson was the Yin to Gygax' Yang. Where Gygax favored rules-heavy combat and magic structures, Arneson was the balance who encouraged role-playing and character development.

    I can't imagine where I would be without the creation these two men bestowed upon the world. They have left us too soon.

    I will raise a mug of mead as I pass a tear to their memory. Rest in Peace friends.