Thursday, April 9, 2009

E.P. Schudlich


“Life, what is it worth? Is death the most terrible thing?” I think many people have pondered over these two simple questions. Many of these people probably faced great dispair or tragedy at the time they questioned life and its worth. I believe that life is very cheap and pointless. One lifeform feeds off another in an endless circle. Like a dog chasing it’s tail, life is completely without meaning. Organisms, no matter how simple or complex, are born only to die after a short period of life. To me, life is utterly worthless because it is so unnecessary. In the eyes of the eternal universe, life is nothing but cheap fodder to be thrown to the hungry jaws of death. And what of death? Is it the most terrible thing? I would say that death is not the most terrible thing to be faced in life. Rather, it’s the anguish and suffering, both mental and physical, that’s endured while living that is most terrible. Life fears death because physical pain is associated with it, but once life becomes death what difference does it make?

E. Schudlich III


  1. Although polar opposite in nature and thought, I applaud the entry. It would take me a month to respond properly to it, if I was able to do so in such a short time (or at all). Even those lauded as the greatest thinkers of the race of men have pondered this and have not reached the truth for themselves, let alone the truth for all.

    An unknown fact amongst the living until this moment, I had written something myself eerily similar. Light was dim in me in those days....

  2. We are certainly glad that you found yourself. I'm not nearly as dark as this essay portrays me, but I'm certainly no optimist either. As I've aged I have settled somewhere in-between.