Friday, February 20, 2009


I recently ran across some work from these awesome artists and thought I would throw up some of their work here.

Richard Yang:

Florin Badita:

Darryl Taylor:


  1. I Like the Darryl Taylor one. Of course.

  2. Wow, a comment! Highly unexpected. Thanks Wethiel!

  3. I myself favor the Richard Yang as well as the Darryl Taylor examples. Florin Badita has a comic book style that I like, but believe it to be better suited to genres outside fantasy. Not listed, though I'm sure is appreciated by the two of you is Todd Lockwood.

    And Luis Royo is great as well. Although the women he sketches have sensationally unrealistic cup sizes.

  4. Lockwood is amazing as well but I see his work everywhere! I think Badita's style is so different because he does it all digitally (in Photoshop) pretty amazing if you ask me. I don't know Royo, I'll have to check him out.

  5. Wow! Royo does fantastic work as well!
    ***A note to others who might check out his stuff, about half of it will be unsafe for workplace viewing.***